Nextcloud distributed master server

I am going to install Nextcloud this summer and am already researching the best setup.

I was thinking about installing a homeserver (to keep costs low) but this kind of defeats the off-site back-up feature I would like. Therefor, I was thinking about installing a second server at my parents house, kind of like a mirror.

How would I best go about in configuring these servers? Can I make my servers load-balance?
Ideally, my computer connects to the fastest of the two servers. I.e: When I am at my parents house it connects to the server at my parents, when I am at my house it connects to the server there.

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Nextcloud does NOT anything with file-syncronisation. You need to do that with a 3rdparty tool, external shares or webdav etc. The next thing with connecting to the closed local server is be done with a local nameservers on both sites.

It’s not that easy to set this up. And most distributed systems are within the same data center. If you want distributed storage for private use, I’d rather use syncthing or git-annex. You could use such a solution for syncing to devices and then use Nextcloud as webinterface (and the distributed storage as external storage in Nextcloud).

the issue with the nectcloud in that case is, how dies it recognize, when new files are stored? Thats often a topic here.

There is an option when to check for changes:

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