Nextcloud Disk Partitions Merge


I’m new here and to the nextcloud. I have just finished installing nextcloud to an ubuntu server 20.04

I have 1 TB disk but nextcloud doesn’t seem to be using all of it. In the images, you see NC uses only 185.84 GB of the partition. And the other partition is 908.00 MB

NC settings

However when I enter the command fdisk -l this is the output.

First What is the problem here? I think there is another 200GB partition and nextcloud is installed on to. Is next cloud installed in another partition? If so Why there is another partition? I’ve installed the ubuntu server very straightforward… Now do I have to merge the paritions? Or should I start the process all over from the beginin? Install a new ubuntu without a partition?

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you in advance.