Nextcloud Dev doesn't start

Hi guys. Now I have Nextcloud 1.4.2 from Android Play Store and it works fine.
Today I tried Nextcloud-dev, from Fdroid market, version 20170430
When I opened app, it crashes.

My phone is OnePlus 3T with beta 6 Official ROM based on Android 7.1.1

Thank You so much for Your help.

Hi @pierinhood
Did u test the Play Store Beta version?

Hi @flavio99
Yes, I tested Play Store Beta version but it has the same version number of the stable version :slight_smile: And It works fine.

I would try Nextcloud dev from F-droid instead

Okey wait, i will test it on my phone with Android 6.

i have the same issue with the dev android version. In a few min i will report the problem on github.

Thank You so much

We changed the naming to clarify the different types: google play store beta is a pre-release of the upcoming next major version, eg. 1.5.0 beta1.
Dev version is updated automatically every night IF there are new contributions.

When does the dev version is crashing? Right on start? Can you send us some logCat for this?

@tobiasKaminsky I’m not an Android Developer, I’m an user. I will send You logCat if You can tell me how I can operate. My phone isn’t rooted.
Thank You very much!

It happens some time now, about the 3-4 last editions.
It happens at the beggining, some times I can see the first welcome screen.

I have created (hopefully) a fix for this.
I could not reproduce it on an emulator, but on a real Samsung S5 neo.
This will be in the next dev version.
Please give it a try and report back.

Thank You @tobiasKaminsky
I will wait for next release.

Thank You so much for your work.

Dev version now runs for me :thumbsup:

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Dev version had this problem for me too, now runs