NextCloud Desktop Sync Performance

I’ve been working with a client with large collections of files on their own private NextCloud server. Yesterday we added a directory containing about 5GB of data in about 5000 files, as we’re pulling in a lot of existing office data. The sync process from a MacOS desktop to the NextCloud server takes much longer than a file copy. The client reports 4-8 hours to sync the directory.

The same collection of files only takes 5 minutes or so when using rsync from one drive to another, or restoring from a time machine backup.

The server is on the local network connected via gigabit ethernet, and isn’t running out of memory.

What can I do to increase sync performance?

Using Nextcloud 17.0.2, with the current Desktop client on MacOS.
Client has 32 GB of RAM

Use redis as filelocking cache, optimize database. It’s old, but here you see what difference it can make: