Nextcloud Desktop Client stops on Linux

I am using Nextcloud desktop sync client Version 2.6.2-1build1 on Linux Mint (Cinnamon) 20.1.

It works fine until the process ends, which usually takes less than an hour.

I have no idea, why this application is ended, but I would very much like to have it running all the time :slight_smile:

I can start it again, it will work for some time and then it will just end again.

How can I start to debug this situation?

I may have found something:
In two places I had files with the name .htaccess inside my synced folders, which lead to errors, because this filename seems to be forbidden.
I renamed those files several hours ago and the application has not crashed since that.

This leaves the question:
Why does the application crash when it encounters a forbidden file name?

Should I post an issue on github?