Nextcloud desktop client not syncing all files on MacOS - Solved

I’m running Nextcloud as

Container image: nextcloud@sha256:6dfcd73f859764ea742ed5635de37bb2b06689a8b5a375b803127d578a4969d4
Version: 23.0.0

with database

Container image: mariadb:10.5@sha256:4db72891d344da0a869b3ea44630259c8a9b1aefbbd8358905d7bfc04c34fc9f
Version: 10.5

I’m on MacOS 10.15.6 using client version 3.4.2

My issue is that whilst in general syncing to my server works ok there are a number of files that simply haven’t synced from the client to the server at all. There is nothing remarkable about these files (RTF, PDF, XLSX) other than they haven’t been synced. The client seems to think all files have been synchronised (showing the tick) even when a forced sync occurs. The containing folder shows as synced but with the problem files showing no status icon at all, perhaps indicating the app did not even consider them for syncing.
There are also a number of folders that contain files where only the folder has been synced and nothing else.

I looked for some kind of log file for the client throughout the desktop UI but couldn’t find anything.

Let me know what I can try from here.

Maybe it is: Client 3.4.1 Syncing does not work properly. · Issue #4141 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub
→ using 3.3.6 seams to fix it for most of the people

Thanks for that. I did some searching but didn’t come across that one. Reverted and now all good.

Anyone know whether this is fixed yet in a later version as i need to now use a m1 compatible client (3.4+) and the release notes for 3.4.3 don’t directly call out any fixes that i could see that would cover this?