Nextcloud Desktop Client logged out on daily basis

Hi everyone,

i am using the Nextcloud Windows Desktop Client with NC Server 19.0.4 and i am logged out from the Desktop Client on a daily basis, which is kind of annoying.
Yes, i am using 2FA, but i logged in via browser which i assume created an App Token.
The log shows a warning (for some other users too):

Login failed: ‘MYUSER’ (Remote IP: ‘XX.XXX.XX.XXX’)

Other probably useful information:
The apps “Brute-force settings” and “LDAP user and group backend” are installed. But my user is not an ldap user, but a regular Nextcloud user.

Does anyone has a solution to this?

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I don’t have a solution either but the same problem.

Does anyone have a solution? It’s very annoying to grant permission to my client every time it starts up.

I’m not sure though that it’s a server issue, because it only happens on some devices, not all.
Could it be that it the client application needs to save some login token on the machine and if it fails it must get it again by requesting it from the server?

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