Nextcloud desktop client contiously scanning/syncing


I have recently upgrade to Nextcloud from Owncloud. I ran Owncloud with the Owncloud for several years without any issues.

I was running the Owncloud desktop Client (Windows and Mac) for awhile and I didn’t have any issues. Once I upgrade to the Nextcloud desktop client. I am now having an issue with the client continuously scanning for changes, and then re-syncing files over and over. (this doesn’t happen with the OwnCloud client).

Reading other posts about external storage. I made sure to change to “Check for Changes” to “never”, but that didn’t help.

I have found this is only occurring when I am inside the network the server is on. If I am on an outside network, the desktop client acts just fine.

Any thoughts as what this issue is?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Server is Ubuntu 16.04
Apache 2.4
Mysql 5.7
Php 5.6
Owncloud 13.0.7
Desktop Client 2.3.3

I have upgrade to Owncloud 14.0.3, not change in this issue however

So this is a private network and for external usage you have a port forwarding in place? In you local network you use a hostname or the ip address directly?

Yes I have port forwarding setup to reach it externally.
I use the same host name internally and externally, however the internal IP is different obviously.

Scratch my theory. Its doing this both externally and internally, across all accounts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, This is basically unusable right now.

I’d check github, if there is something and then create an issue there. Perhaps they changed something in the code, especially with the owncloud client running properly, should give them some indication.