Nextcloud Desktop Client 3.2.3 is out!

Hi all,

Last Friday, our team pushed out version 3.2.3 of our desktop client. This release consists mostly of fixes for VFS on Windows.

The changelog:

  • desktop#3359 Block Virtual Files for partition root sync folders.
  • desktop#3375 Add remote folder prefix for renaming in a non-root local folder.
  • desktop#3415 VFS freeze fix. Treat .sync-exclude.lst as a non-virtual file always.
  • desktop#3439 Set pin state correct after rename
  • desktop#3453 Cfapi: Make sure no data is transfered after cancellation
  • desktop#3466 Generate png icons with inkscape

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Is that version compatible with Windows 7?
FYI, I just went on OnlyOffice download page and was surprised to see that the team are still updating their latest versions for Windows XP and Mac up to 10.12, while also latest version is compatible with Windows 10, 8 and 7 (x64 & x32)!
I am still receiving an update notification for a version that will not work with 7. when will that be resolved?
Than you for your efforts.

I believe that Windows 7 is no longer supported - neither by us nor Microsoft :wink:

Sorry, I know the Microsoft upgrade thread mil sucks, I luckily moved from Windows 98 to Linux so I’ve been out of the maelstrom for a while already. Can recommend it :wink:

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I really am aware of that, it is easier said than done, I am an IT guy for over 35 years, I have PCs running Linux-Ubuntu versions, 3 Linux servers, MacOS, Raspberries Pie, PC WinXP, Win10 and my principal computer is under Win7, all my important software that I paid (a lot) through the years are mostly compatible with 7, some won’t work under 10 and I prefer 7 over all no matter if it supported or not by MS, I do not care at this time. However you are forgetting that Win 8 is still supported but you obviously skipped it.
I mean it is okay if your team doesn’t want to update the latest working version for 7, but in that case please do not push for updates for versions that will not work under OS 7, thank you for your time and reply.

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The new “virtual folders” feature is implemented using Microsoft’s so-called cloud files API, which is only available in Windows 10. Not touching the topic too deeply that there would have been other solutions too (such as Dokan or WinFsp) to support older OS versions, the point is now that the Microsoft-native API is in use, support for older Windows versions is pretty much technically impossible with this choice.

I don’t think this is a huge problem though, as older client versions continue to work, and client upgrades are not forced. You can turn off version checks in the client, and even when they are enabled, the client asks for your permission prior to performing an upgrade. If you are afraid of accidentally performing an upgrade, I recommend you secure yourself a copy of a suitable client installer version.

We only ask Nextcloud not to break compatibility between older clients and newer servers for still some time.

Hmm, makes me wonder if it is possible for users of Windows 7 and earlier to simply be locally notified any new client upgrades are not supported on their machine rather than applying unsupported releases.

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Installed this version after computer reboot (and reminder)…

It syncs to 4 NC instances, nothing crazy, few GB each.
No updates made, no syncing activity shown…

But for 15 minutes now the NC client uses one third the RAM (from 32GB total) and one third CPU.

Avoid installing if you want to use the computer for anything else…

Until when? Is there any documentation on this? My actual question would be: until when can I safely use the 2.6.5 client?

I asked on github, they said that the only official stable version is the latest version they release, so everything below 3.2.4 is now officially unsupported.

The latest update of the desktop client restored support for Windows 8 - that was broken due to the introduction of VFS, which isn’t available on Windows 8. We made this an optional feature by making it get loaded on demand. Bit of work, but now Win 8 works again. And I guess, in theory, 7 might be doable again, too - you could give it a try, but no promises.

we definitely want the updater to be smarter and not recommend to break your system :wink:

As we do on the server. This is likely to get addressed - if it hasn’t, already.

Correct, this is how it works - you are on your own, we won’t fix bugs etc. We don’t go out of our way to break things, of course, and the API’s used by the desktop client are pretty stable so I don’t think you’ll be in trouble any time soon, but you won’t be able to stay on 2.6.5 forever, that’s for sure.

sorry, that is nasty. Try the newer versions - 3.2.4 and 3.3.0 are now out and fix a lot of bugs.

Thank you for this update, it seems to be working.
The only thing is that it doesn’t open the browser to login, when we click Login to synchronize the file, nothing happen.

Just for the record: With 3.3.0 we made the part that caused issues on older operating systems like Win7 optional. That means it will run again on Win7 and you can safely update. Although we do not officially support that.