Nextcloud Desktop Clent Push Notifications Inconsistent

I have searched around and not found the same issue as its intermittent.

I am using my nextcloud server to notify me and my wife of various things throughout the day. The server is doing it via bash script and systemd. Nextcloud is essentially just the push notification service (think occ push command). This works great for my wifes Android Phone every time on time no issues (google play doing its thing).

However I run a phone that is using the desktop client as my nextcloud “app.” Initially I assumed my non main stream phone was the issue but my laptop seems have the same issues and its a standard arch linux install with gnome on top of it. Wonderin if maybe gnome has something to do with it?

If I have my nextcloud website open I get notifications but I suspect firefox is doing that. If firefox is closed but nextcloud client is running in the background as it should I have occasional gotten a notification but it generally does not notify me. If I open the nextcloud application to the foreground it shows the notification it just never gave me a system notification it does not come through more then it does come through.

Is this normal or am I missing something? Can the desktop application be used essentially as a push notification system or is it not reliable enough for this?

Thanks for you help.