Nextcloud Deployment for enterprise with 50 users

Hi Eveyone

I’m about to deploy nextcloud for an enterprise I want to know the requirement before deploying it .
It’s for 50 Users and I want also talk . I want to know what I have to choose between collabora enterprise Edition and Onlyoffice or Office on line

Did you check the documentation?

You may want to pay Nextcloud for an enterprise support contract. I believe 50 users is their minimum. We are here as volunteers, but our goal is not to provide free enterprise grade support. :heart:

I think it is a good idea to contact Nextcloud GmbH for enterprise support.

But also i think you must differ between Nextcloud on-prem or Nextcloud at a hoster in the internet. If you want to buy a e.g. root-server in the internet maybe you can also buy a Managed Nextcloud from a hoster. They will also probably have more experience with Nextcloud than you.

Ok thanks a lot for your reply

thanks a lot for your reply