Nextcloud demo, pdf flagged by Firefox


I tried the Nextcloud demo (from and when I downloaded the “Nextcloud Manual.pdf” file, it was flagged by Firefox as potentially harmfull …

I have seen the same on the demo instance. I can download the same file from my server without problems. And if you upload the file to virustotal, they don’t find anything. I suppose it is related to the URL.

@jospoortvliet can you take a look. This makes a bad impression on people who want to test Nextcloud.

I looked at it some weeks ago - my conclusion was that the browsers do this and there’s nothing you can do about it as vendor, other than hope the developers fix it. You can complain but that generally gets ignored. But feel free to check yourself, I hope I’m wrong :smiley:

quick summary: it’s Google and they don’t really care about false positives

I would edit and improve the text of the PDF file.

Did you check a version in another language as english?

Or open a ticket in the mozilla bug tracker. If they use a solution that does not allow to unlist false positives. Especially if it concerns open source software that competes with google products.

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