Nextcloud Decrypt doesn't decrypt External Storage files

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Running latest v26 nextcloud in docker
Added external storage sometime ago
Wanted to look at some of the media files on web or android client and it wouldn’t play.

logged in docker container as root and ran command in media folder
#grep -rc oc_encryption_module *


all files in this folders are encrypted

Server side encryption is NOT checked

The external storage folder are SMB shares from ubuntu (no encryption)
When i added external storage, i mounted then a Local and Authentication=None.
Check for changes=once every direct access
Enable sharing=yes
Enable previews=yes
Shares are only available to admin (me). They mounted with green check box.

I tried,
#occ encryption:decrypt-all
It ran through just fine
But still external storage files are encrypted.

How should i decrypt these folders.
thank you

And it was never enabled? Do you have the encryption keys in the users folder /path/to/data/username/… ?

But it seems to be the server-side encryption and not the client-side?

Yes, there is a keys folder.
files…it has two directories, they are (.Calendar-Backup), (.Contatcts-Backup)
files_trashbin…it has (files). Inside this is has directory (20230417_153702.jpg.d1682268393)

Inside this directory (20230417_153702.jpg.d1682268393), it has OC_DEFAULT_MODULE
Inside (OC_DEFAULT_MODULE) it has two files… (filekey) and (master_8114f6f2.sharekey)