Nextcloud Deck - how to set the description of a card

Hello, I just made a Python script that every few minutes check my mail, and if it find a specific subject in it, it creates a new card in my Nextcloud Deck (using the API).

It works fine to create a new card and setting the title, but I’m not able to set the description at the creation time and neither to update it later, with this API:

This is a snippet of code:

session = requests.Session()
        'OCS-APIRequest': 'true',
        'Content-Type': 'application/json'
session.auth = (nc_user_id, nc_user_psw)    # set user and password
remoteURL = 'https://mydomain/index.php/apps/deck/api/v1.0/boards/%s/stacks/%s/cards/%s' % (boardId, stackId, cardId)

postData = {  
"title": 'the new title',
"description": 'the new description',
"type": "plain",
"order": 999,
"duedate": None,
"owner": "I tried everything here"   # if I remove this line I get the error 400: "owner must be provided"
response = session.put(remoteURL, data=json.dumps(postData))

and when I execute the code, I get error 500 because there is a problem with ‘owner’.

How can I provide the owner?

Anyone can help me and tell me where I could find some sample code?


ok, I solved it.

I removed the line:

"duedate": None,

and the owner parameter is in the form of: