Nextcloud Deck for iOS 0.15.0


Please be informed of the release of Nextcloud Deck for iOS 0.15.0.

Since the last announcement, the following changes were made:

  • Add a attach images from photo gallery and camera functionality (thanks Solarkonzept)
  • Add a send card by email functionality (thanks Solarkonzept)
  • New button for cardDetails’ action menu
  • Add a delete attachment functionality
  • Add an edit comment functionality
  • New icons to edit/add/delete attachments & comments
  • Add comment modal is now themable
  • Card description input is now themable
  • Add swedish translation (thanks tellustheguru (Anders Johansson) · GitHub)
  • Upgrade to Expo SDK 47
  • Fix to a bug where the application crashes when using board with group-only edit permissions
  • Fix to a bug where attachments containing blank spaces in their name would not be displayable
  • Fix to a bug where the displayed selected theme is not correct in the app menu

I would like to give a special thanks to company BMG Solarkonzept ( which sponsored the development of the “attach images from photo gallery and camera” and “send card by email” functionalities.

Happy nextclouding,



Good work, thank you very much. Makes Deck usable with mobile devices.

Greetings, virgul