Nextcloud Deck for iOS 0.12.0

Hi all,

Please be informed that version 0.12.0 of “Nextcloud Deck” for iOS has been released.

This version brings the “Add attachment to card” and “view card’s attachments” functionalities, updates a bunch of dependencies, and fixes a few bugs. You can find all what’s changed here => ‎Nextcloud Deck on the App Store or directly from the repository here => Cyrille Bollu / deck-react-native · GitLab.

The attachments- and comments-related functionalities are still a little bit crudes, and, I’m planning to publish a better-polished version in the coming weeks.

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks the few people who donated: It helps me keeping developing the software, and not only covers my subscription fee to the apple store but also shows your acknowledgement for my work, which I really appreciate. Thanks for that :blush:

As always, comments are welcome, either through issues created on gitlab or github, or even here if you like.

Happy nextclouding,



Hi Stcyr,

Is this the correct place to talk about issues?

I have a few accounts trying to use this app and only my nextcloud admin account seems to be able to login without the app white screening and crashing.


Here is the issue tracker. You might find the issues you’ve encountered or can file new ones.

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Yes, it’s better at the issue tracker.

There’s even already an issue registered regarding such crashes:

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