/nextcloud/data/<user>/files/.Contacts-Backup/ contains _lots_ of Backups.... but not really necessary

I noticed in the logs that the mobile app (“Mozilla/5.0 (Android) Nextcloud-android/3.16.1”) regularly “scans” the “.Contacts-Backup”-folder.
But these folders contain hundreds of backups-files back to 2020 (like 2020-11-05_05-51-10.vcf) which I find unnecessary.
This produces a noticable load to the server (and probably to the client as well)

Can I just delete the files (up to the last entry of course)?
Is there a configuration to limit the amount of backup-files (in the app or on the server)

Sure. It’s just a backup of your contacts.
If you don’t like it, you can disable the backup function in the settings of the Nextcloud Android app.

Thanks for the reply.
I deleted all files and no I get tons of “HTTP/1.1” 207". The App still scans alle the vanished files :slight_smile: This is no real problem, I am just curious.
Why does the app scan old files anyway?

I did disabled the backups in the app. I hope it syncs furthermore :slight_smile: