Nextcloud cron stopped - apache user has /usr/sbin/nologin but wha?

Seeing all of a sudden that cron is not running anymore but this used to not be an issue. Do I need to give the debian apache user a shell? I would rather not but anyone have a fix here?

Forget it - just going to do webcron and have cron fire every 5 min

*/5 * * * * wget --quiet -O /dev/null

and not deal with trying to give the apache/webserver user a shell

Ended up doing this.

Hi @jmergy

The reaseon that caused the cronjob to stop running has nothing to do with the fact that the Apache user has no shell. www-data never had a shell on my system and the cornjob runs just fine.

Do you use APCu as local cache? Then this is most likley the reason that the coronjob did stop running.

Thanks @bb77 I’ll take a look. Made no sense it just stopped without a config change.