Nextcloud crash on upload

Hi !

I use Nextcloud 12.0.1 with PHP 7 / MySql and it used to work pretty fine… until it craches during an upload of an entire directory. There was some notification messages like “This folder doesn’t exist” and then “Internal Server Error”. I pressed “F5” and I get a white page. Now, every links to my nextcloud instance (contact / mail / calendar apps) displays a white page.

The nextcloud.log file doesn’t seem to be really usefull… there’s no line corresponding to my issue. The last line records an operation made couple of hours before the crash. I made few uploads just before it crashed.

What can I do ?
Thanks !!

*Arg…! * I just found the problem : I reach the quota of data hosted on my server !!! The indicator of Nextcloud showed me the amount of data stored on the server but wasn’t aware of the limit and just sayed “infinite” so the progress bar was always at 0. I will suscribe to a larger one…

Is there a way to go back and retrieve Nextcloud fonctionalities or am I obliged to reinstall it ?
And is there a way to retrieve some crucial data like my calendar events and contacts ?

Thanks !

Ok, I upgrade my subscription concerning the server and now everything seems to work fine again.
Thanks !