Nextcloud CPU 100% - Locks VM

Running a freshly setup Ubuntu 20.04 VM under ESXI, and a fresh NextCloud 20.0.2 install, the VM will spin one of 2 vCPUs to 100%, and immediately lock my SSH session and even the ESXI console window, and the VM needs to be restarted.

This happened initially trying to run the occ install command. For some reason excluding the “–admin-user” and “–admin-pass” options from the command line got around that problem.

Now if I browse to my nextcloud site, I get " Access through untrusted domain", which I can fix, but that action alone makes one of the CPUs spin up to 100% and lock everything. This has to be a bug somewhere.

For background, I previously tried to get this setup under a CentOS 8 VM, and that didn’t lock up, it crashed hard and rebooted the VM on it’s own doing the same sort of actions. So it seems like something is messing with the kernel somewhere, but I can’t tell what.

Anybody seen this problem?

Definitely seems to be PHP 7.4 that’s the problem. Downgrading to 7.3 and this stopped happening.

Edit: Didn’t fix everything. Attempting to install an app causes the same issue.

Looks like this issue might have it’s roots in my own hardware/VM setup. I’ve recently upgraded to 10G adapters on my host, and switching my VM adapters from VMXNET to E1000e solved the issue.