NextCloud Containers - NFS Share permission issue

HI folks,
I am trying to setup a NextCloud at home using Docker (docker compose) but i have an issue with that :

  • On my linux host i have an NFS share.
  • The NFS server is a synology NAS where “all users are map to admin”

On my linux host my users have all access to this mounted folder. This shared nfs storage is mount at : /mnt/NFS

When i try to run a container with a -v option using my nfs mount i always have a “permissions denied” even if all the users of my host are working.

I guess i am missing something with Docker but unfortunately i didn’t find why i always have permissions when using NFS share and mount it as a folder on a container.
I saw few things about docker volume but not sure it help…

Does someone is using NFS share on his host and then mount a container using it ?