Nextcloud - Container Options

I’ve been hosting a Nextcloud instance, via Docker, for the past ~2 years. It uses MariaDB for the database, hosted on a separate VM. With the introduction of notify-push and hpb/spreed, I started to observe (what looked like) reliance on init system, cron, and other system services. I was wondering if I should move my instance to a system container, like LXD. If this would not be worth the effort, please let me know. If more information on my current setup is required, I can provide that upon request.

As long you are happy with your solution there is no reason to change. notify_push works perfect as Docker container. personally I have not experience with hpb/spreed (take a look at AiO - it’s implemented there as well)

I’m happy with it as it is now. But, I haven’t seen Nextcloud in other configurations firsthand. Don’t know if performance would be different with LXD instead, for instance. Or if other upcoming Nextcloud apps/features will work better in a system container.