Nextcloud container on QNAP NAS - can't login

i have installed the latest container of nextcloud on my QNAS using container station.
The first configuration is OK, I can access the Nextcloud home page.
But if I quit and try to relog using the url link MYNASIP:32770 I have this message (sorry in french)

Accès à partir d’un domaine non approuvé

Veuillez contacter votre administrateur. Si vous êtes un administrateur, éditez la variable “trusted_domains” dans le fichier config/config.php comme l’exemple dans le fichier config/config.sample.php.

my config.php looks like this

‘trusted_domains’ =>
array (
0 => ‘MYNAS IP:32773’,

I added my laptop IP but it is not working.

What is the easy way to make this work ?

The function checks the name or address which is being used when trying to access Nextcloud. So if you use “http[s]://” or “http[s]://” you need to add “” and “” - that’s all. I would keep the port number of the entry in a first try.

thanks for your help
it is exactly what I did, added with is the IP of my laptop in the trusted domains list…
but it does not work