Nextcloud contacts detailed name

Hello all,

I stumbled upon an other small problem while trying to add an contact.
There is not field showing for “Detailed name”. So I have no way of specifying first, middle, last name.

I checked my existing contacts and for some it shows and others it doesnt. I can’t find a pattern on it.
But I would assume it should be visibly in all cases. Bug? Or am I missing something.


Same Problem here. NextCloud 18.0.1
Any Solution?

Hi… I find a solution for me. Or say better Workaround. NC 18.0.1
“+ New Contact > + Add new property > Detailed name.”
Now you can specify first, middle, last name.
But every new contact became the same First name and Last Name. (Bug)
The display name (Right of the Picture) only refresh when you delete the Line. Then refresh with correct data.

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Thank you for the workaround, it was a great help!