Nextcloud consuming far too much diskspace

Hi communuty :slight_smile:

the subdomain, hosting my NC, consumes 26GB diskspace by now. This are only the files, not the databse of course. That is far too much!

The Desktop Sync Client, syncing my complete datadirectory, sums up to 1,6 GiB only… Where are these othjer 24GB coming from ?

I would carefully suggest its 2 things teasing me here:
1. The file versioning
I have installed it a long time ago. Then I removed the app but I saw in the file attributes that there were still versions stored. So I reinstalled this app again.
Does someone know how I can remove these versions of my files prior removing that app ?

2. Maybe some backups done before the update
How can I remove these without breaking my NC ?

Beside: I am rsyncing my server, so I do not need any versioning. Also, the last update went well, so I do not need that backup. Probably there will be a lot of backups created before all these updates I did in the past

That is really teasing me :anguished: Maybe someone can provide a link or a hing ?

Thanks a lot for this

See Controlling file versions and aging — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation to disable versioning, then run

occ versions:expire

to expire old versions.

You can remove the content from data/updater-xxx/backups once the upgrade is successful.

If you want to use the features, you can set a quota for the user, and the background jobs should manage the versioning and trash-bin size.