Nextcloud conflict: server version downloaded, local copy renamed and not uploaded


Hoping someone can help…

My Windows 10 desktop client reports “nextcloud conflict: server version downloaded, local copy renamed and not uploaded” for one file. As such, instead of having a reassuring ‘green tick’ I have an annoying ‘yellow exclamation mark’ in my system tray.

The file that is the cause of the conflict does not exist on the server, nor on my Windows 10 client machine.

I am therefore puzzled as to why the warning persists (all other files sync perfectly), and I am at a loss as to how to fix this issue and so remove this warning.

Can anyone help me with this…?

Thanks very much - a happy “Onedrive > Nextcloud convert”!

You should search on your Windows 10 Nextcloud folder for a file within conflict in the name file.

When you will reach it see into his folder you will have both file.
One with a short name and one with conflict+timestamp after the short name.

Now you have to open those two files and see which one is good and which one is old or bad.

If the file with conflict inside si good. Get the short file name out of the sync. Rename the conflict file and after a sync everything will get good.
You can delete the unsynced file if you want / and sure to do that

@NemskillerThanks for your reply.

I do not have any files with conflict+timestamp, either in my Windows client’s Nextcloud folder, or on the Nextcloud server. (I have searched in Windows and via the command line on my linux box).

This is what I am confused at the sync warning.

Is there some database file or other Nextcloud record that I can refresh or purge, to stop Nextcloud raising this error?

Thanks again.

I tried creating a file with the conflict name, and placing that on the server and the client, then deleting the file. This had no effect.

I then deleted the actual final (i.e. the file without ‘conflicted’ in the file name) from my client machine.

The server then re-synced this file to the client machine, and all now seems well - nice shiny green tick in my system tray…

Hi, I am in a situation similar to that of castletonroad.

I can see the conflict file, but it remains in my local folder and it is not automatically updated.

I want the conflict file to be automatically updated when created, so that all users can see that there are different version of that file. How can I do to get that result?

Thank you!

I had this exact same problem. It turned out that in the DATA (storage) folder on my server , a file named “FILENAME_conflict-20190703-101346.xlsx” existed. It wasn’t showing in either my local Nextcloud folder, or on the Web interface, but the file existed at the filestore level.

SSHing into my server and deleting this file, then re scanning the files using:

php73 occ files:scan --all

worked for me.