Nextcloud Config.php missing code

Hey Everybody, I’m fairly new with working with both Nextcloud and Ubuntu server.

Pretty much I had Nextcloud working. I was able to access it remotely and locally without any issues until tonight. somehow I figure that my config.php code had somehow vanished basically causing the whole thing to not work I have been trying to figure it out for a few hours and nothing. I’ve tried re-writing the code to the best of my knowledge but I’m fairly new with it all and it’s still ain’t working.

The main problem is whenever I try and go to the web interface I get a message saying to add a file called CAN_INSTALL in my config directory which I did and nothing changed even after restarting it all. after rooting around for a while I found the config.php file and there was nothing in there which I know there should be. how do I get that code back?

Any help from you all would definitely be amazing :slight_smile:

Hi @Rockstar5energy

that file is generated by the installer wizard. I would suggest to download a vanilla Nextcloud, unzip it and take off from there, re-entering your db credentials etc into the installer.


Hey thanks for the reply,

After spending some more time time trying to figure it out that’s what I ended up doing in the end is just received reinstalling it. That did the trick
Thanks again :grin: