Nextcloud community vm weird issue

Hi, I was using the Nextcloud tech and me vm, since closing it down, I still see it’s landing page even on machines which never accessed it and which are off network. Has anyone else had this issue?

That sounds implausible, can you screenshot/video what you’re seeing please?

Well. That’s what I though too until I started having this all evening and night.

(Tor browser used to show totally uncached point of view)

@enoch85 fancy a look? Is this intended?

@qdascottyuk You shouldn’t run Nextcloud on HTTP…

Run sudo bash /var/scripts/ and it will solve itself. Remember to open port 80 and 443 before.

I have it on just http for the moment as it’s a research and development server while I see what will and won’t work in our environment. When I create a live production one I will have it going over https with an ssl certificate, but I’m still not sure why it was jumping back and forth between the landing page and not the landing page.

As it turns out I’m not just looking at how to migrate our Owncloud instance across from a Mac OS server into a fresh Linux server install which is presenting itself with its own challenges.

@qdascottyuk You can safley remove the landing page and change the Apache config so that it points directly to Nextcloud instead. That would also solve the problem.