*.Nextcloud.com - connectivity issues

Yeah, I also checked it after post and was laughing on my broken expectations: ->recursiveDelete :smiley: could be verifyIntegrity instead.

But sounds like a good enhancement

I still think this should be the besser enhancement: https://github.com/nextcloud/updater/issues/291

The result is the same, but in beautiful :slight_smile:

You can also download the newest version of nextcloud from another source and then copy it to “nc.zip”
Read /setup-nextcloud.php says it has succeeded but it hasn't installed anything

The problem: there is no mirror

How it works with updater? Seems its removing file if presented.

I don’t think so. I care about updates with updater.phar not about new installations. And there’ s no nc.zip in the code. This is the reason why I created this issue.

Tonight the apps.nextcloud.com site literally was unreachable (independent of DNS provider) nextcloud.log gave me the clou.

To make sure, you can try to reach the url from server as well as typing the url directly in your browser. If DNS is broken only one should fail and the other one succeed. If it is the site, both will fail.


I noticed the same behavior on multiple nextcloud instances.
In our forums (nethserver) we also had members that noticed the issue. Glad it has been solved.

Nextcloud archives from download.nextcloud.com have been very slow (~100kb/s) for at least the past 20 hours.

Is this issue known already or where should I report it?

I observed the same from two different networks, therefore I suppose that this is due to the source network/host.

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Nextcloud 20 has been officially been published at the weekend so that many users are currently downloading the latest version. Therefore it is very likely that the servers are a little bit overloaded at the moment :wink:

CC: @jospoortvliet


That is a reasonable explanation, indeed. I was aware of the update but expected Nextcloud to have better bandwidth, therefore the only explanation I thought of was a technical problem.

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This leads to Errors while updating though. I am permanently stuck at Step 4. Each time I restart the update (with the button that appears if an error e.g. due to NGINX timeout), the perfectly fine file sitting in updater…/download is discarded (although I verified that it’s complete and fine using sha2556sum). Therefore, the updater app should be enhanced – this would save bandwidth on the server for all users that do retry!

Every release the same problem.

I can confirm this behavior: The download indeed finishes successfully, but takes way longer than the updater is willing to wait (times out). The downloaded file is still perfectly fine, matching checksums and all. So, being stuck at Step 4 (or occassionally even Step 5, when apparently the checksum file is not reachable for download), the perfectly fine update file gets deleted and downloaded anew.

So, the overloaded download servers are the update script’s own naïve fault. Something like this should be avoidable so easily.

If someone read this he/she can use for manually download perhaps the github download. Sorry i thik it does not work for nextcloud upgrades.


Same md5-checksum:

e2d6080ddcbb87ae1dd76ff402b071cc nextcloud-20.0.0.zip

e2d6080ddcbb87ae1dd76ff402b071cc nextcloud-20.0.0.zip

Perhaps for upgrades in further versions someone could solve this issue

docs.nextcloud.com is very slow as well. Pages need 60s to load completely

This is a procedure for upgrade nextcloud:

1- Find into folder data “updater-{user}”
2- Upload file nextcloud-xxxx.zip into downloads
3- return to root directory updater-{user}
4- Create new file “.step” and put this object: {“state”:“end”,“step”:4}
5- run from cli sudo -u {user} updater/updater.phar

if Verify integrity failed return to 4 point and put {“state”:“end”,“step”:5}

Ciao ciao!

There is another topic No apps to install about connectivity issues to nextcloud.com infrastructure. Is someone looking into it? What is the procedure to let the right people know, that something could be wrong?

Nextcloud.com is completely down for me… “The site can’t be reached. Nextcloud.com took too long to respond”. Can’t update to 19.0.4, can’t download desktop clients… Nothing is working

You can contact Nextcloud here: https://nextcloud.com/contact/

But I think this is useless. Nextcloud is aware of the issue, but could not improve anything so far (according to the information above, they are working on a CDN). By then the problem will have been with every Nextcloud release for a long time.

As a user you can:

  • With each Nextcloud update, wait a few weeks/days until the first rush is over. This is not a problem as long as there is no security update.
  • Or don’t do the update with the official updater (because that often fails because the download takes too long) but do the update manually.
  • And another possible workaround for the future: Upvote this Github issue to use a local mirror https://github.com/nextcloud/updater/issues/291

I think something is happening with the Nextcloud.com infrastructure. Connected from Prague, Czech Republic, I am experiencing issues, that are progressively getting worse, since yesterday, when docs.nextcloud.com was terribly slow.

Today docs.nextcloud.com didn’t improve, moreover I can’t access apps.nextcloud.com at all. For nextcloud.com, this morning I waited about 30 minutes for the 19.0.4 update to download both on the server and my laptop (there is Nextcloud.com slow download speed specifically open for it). Now I can’t access it at all anymore.

At least this forum is working, but I don’t know if anyone is looking into it, or how let the right people know.