Nextcloud + Collabora office + Reverse proxy -> doen't work


I recently installed the current nextcloud release without major problems.
I used a local docker container (local reverse proxy) to integrate the collaborate office.
Everything is working so far, if the client is in the local network. From the internet only
a reverse proxy is possible.
Just using the simple settings does not work
ProxyPass / max=1000 timeout=300
ProxyPassReverse /

The document is not shown, but also no error occurs. Does anybody use
this reverse -> reverse proxy setup ?
What do I have to configure for the office to work correctly from the internet ?


Nextcloud version 19.0.0
Operating system and version SLES 15 SP1
Apache or nginx version Apache 2.4.23
PHP version 7.4

nothing fits to your problem?

you may also check daniels scripts. in older versions of his script he was using apache as reverse proxy.


yes thanks for the hint.I looked through most of the posts before. However I found the problem. The external reverse proxy did not have all modules installed! For apache
the proxy_wstunnel was missing. Funny enough most things worked, but the document wasn’t shown. Now it’s working from the outside as well. A simple forward is enough.

Thanks for the help!