NextCloud - Collabora / CentOS installation

Hello, I tried to use your solution but my server is not directly accessible from the internet (internal server).
I want to create a file exchange server under CentOS (company policy).
I just made an installation this morning (not functional: access forbidden) following the following tutorials:

For tests, I have disabled SELinux as well as the firewall. The AD link is fully functional.

I am a beginner in the field, so I would have some questions:
– I have two subdomains (Cloud.dom.domain.local and Office.dom.domain.local), do I have to generate a self-signed certificate per domain? Currently I have only one with linked to the FQDN of the server that hosts the application.

  • What is the best web server for NextCloud?
    Thank you for your help !

Hi @Saguu you’ll need valid SSL to connect docker with Nextcloud.
I would suggest Apache 2.4 to configure the reverse proxy and AUFS storage support for your docker image.

Sound challenging to set it up on CentOS :slight_smile: