Nextcloud client / workstation cannot resolve remote nextcloud server instance - self signed certificate

The server is Fedora 30 and the nextcloud is ver
On the remote server both the nextcloud client and browser work. The browser provides the expected connection; it shows a warning but appears to provide a secure connection. The nextcloud-client identifies a self signed certificate and then proceeds.
On the workstation browser access works; it also shows the site as not secure but proceeds, provides a warning but appears to provide a secure connection.
However from the desktop the nextcloud client cannot find the site. It reports:
Failed to connect to Nextcloud at
Host not found.
The nextcloud client on server seems to be able to navigate the self signed certificate. But the nextcloud client on the remote desktop is unable to do so.
The reported nextcloud version levels on both are both 2.5.3-1.
Nextcloud-2.6.1-x86_64.AppImage produces the same result.
owncloud-client works; however it creates a significant number of error messages.
(this is hopefully the last road block in migrating from owncloud rpm to self installed nextcloud)