Nextcloud client v.2.5.2 keeps crashing on MacOS

nextcloud client keeps crashing on all my systems when syncing

  • nextcloud 2.5.2git (build 20190319) – this is the latest stable version at
  • MacOS, all updates installed

In the log file, I receive this error

[OCC::ActivityWidget::slotItemCompleted Item “<…>” retrieved resulted in error “Local file changed during syncing. It will be resumed.”
[OCC::ActivityListModel::addErrorToActivityList Error successfully added to the notification list: “Local file changed during syncing. It will be resumed.”
[OCC::PropagatorCompositeJob::slotSubJobFinished ASSERT: “i >= 0” in file /Users/builder/daily/desktop/src/libsync/owncloudpropagator.cpp, line 834

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My nextcloud desktop client on windows also fails. Sometimes it opens, but then when I want to add a folder to sync, it just crashes without any message. Is there any other sync client which you can recommend?

My Mac client also crashes every day basically, but I couldn’t find any useful information in Console. Which log are you referring to?

You need to start nexcloud from the Terminal with --logfile option.
See man pages for details.

How do I start it from the terminal? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Nevermind, I found it

/Applications/ --logfile nextcloud.log
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