Nextcloud client unable to connect to Server


Seems the Nextcloud client has an issue connecting to a server setup with a Letsencrypt certificate, but has no issues connecting when a self signed cert is used.

If i connect with any browser from the same computer i have no issues with the Letsencrypt certificate on the server, only with the Nextcloud client.

The client is 2.5.0beta1 (build 20180803) on Windows 7 64-Bit


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Can you check on if your certificate was intalled properly. Perhaps, the certificate chain (or something else) is checked differently on the clients.

Yes, there are no issues with the certs or configuration - i’m testing my 60+ servers always if i change anything and in this case i’m only pointing to another cert - the rest of the configuration is the same and it works if i point to a self signed cert.

When i point to the LetsEncrypt cert and connect via the webbrowser it’s working but not with the NextCloud Client.

If i switch back to my self signed cert then the NextCloud client is also working.

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maybe this could turn out as being a beta-bug… i dunno. pls check the git for problems

2.3.1 has the same issue

the official one is 2.3.2. afaik.

Sorry, i checked multiple times but was to stupid to recognized a typo in my config…

Thanks for reply’s and sorry for wasting your time