Nextcloud client translation issues

I have mostly finished the Hungarian localization of the Nextcloud desktop client, I have a few strings though, that I don’t know what to do with. At first glance, it seems, that these should not be translated at all. The strings are the following (there are duplicates):

  • Form
  • TextLabel
  • Dialog
  • pbSelectLocalFolder
  • PushButton

we had a kind of similar discussion in german what to translate and what to leave untranslated. it was a long discusson and still is because it’s not really easy to find a solution between “we translate as much as possible” on the one hand and “we should try to not use a too outdated language to represent a state-of-the-art product”

so as long as you are one of the main translators do what you think would feel right… and invite everyone taking part in the hugarian translation to discuss it here with you.

Maybe I did not make myself clear enough :slight_smile: I think that these strings should be marked as not translatable in the XML files, as it seems, that these are not used anywhere, at all. But I am looking for a second opinion before filing a PR on GitHub.

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@rakekniven do you know more about these issues?

You are absolutely right.
These strings should not be present at Transifex.

I really appreciate you filing an PR.

Another translator (hebrew) was asking about this string.

Can you create an PR?

I have sent a PR: