Nextcloud client timeout on few megabytes file

The client stops syncing with timeout error on files like an mp4 video of 14mb …

I have an nginx proxy in front of apache. I can upload files of 1.5GB using the webui in less than a minute.

I have no error message regarding the timeout either in apache, nginx or nextcloud logs.

The client progression stops at a few mb and hangs a while before giving back that timeout error.

Or a php timeout? Perhaps increase the log level to get more information. It is strange that it is just the client, what could be different is that the client creates chunks (I can’t remember if it was 5, 10 or 20 MB) and then use a parallel upload (by default it was 4). Check out the documentation, you can as well change the chunking size (the chunks are placed in a temporary folder before being recombined). Just to point out a few things which could go wrong.