NextCloud Client Sync to new Server

Don’t know if this is the right section, but here goes:

We have to migrate our users from one Hosted Server to another, so we have opted for IONOS Managed NextCloud. I have everything setup as required on the server end, and can easily enough shift the actual data across via Sync with NextCloud Client. We cannot take the hostname with us as it is a subdomain of their original domain.

The problem that I have is, how can I point the users at the server without having to perform a complete sync (there’s 150GB of data shared between all the users).

Is it possible to re-configure the client to re-use the locally synchronized data with the new server, or do I have to do a complete sync again?


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Please use the search - lot of issues have been discussed already

I would not recommend you try such a move. you will find lot of reports here about unexpected files deletion when pointing a client to another server. There are dynamic IDs used within sync process which differ between servers making it hard for the client to link old files with new server…

Hi @wwe

Thanks for this.
I was hoping to avoid having to re-sync all the clients, but if that is the only way that I can guarantee successful setup it will have to do.