Nextcloud-client: strange automatic behavior

I initially installed the nextcloud-client through the official Fedora repository on a freshly installed Fedora 39 XFCE spin. Unfortunately, I observe very strange behavior. Nextcloud-client automatically starts every time I commit to downloading a file in my browser, every time I save a LibreOffice document, or once I commit to converting a book in calibre. I thought that there was a problem with the repository’s version of nextcloud-client and decided to uninstall it in favor of installing the flatpak version. Sadly, the same behavior is observed with the flatpak version of Nextcloud. I would like to ask you, could you please suggest how to fix this annoying issue with nextcloud-client? Thank you very much in advance! Cheers!

Just to be clear, you click on a file to download and then it opens the Nextcloud Client? Like if you associate each file type to be opened with Nextcloud?

Normally it is supposed to create a synced folder on your system and all files you put there are automatically synced to the server (and the other way roud: files appear that were put on the server).

To answer both of your questions, yes and no.

Just to make it clear - I do not run Nextcloud constantly. I open (start) Nextcloud only when I need to upload some files - once or twice a week.

To answer your question, when I want to download a file while browsing the internet (like an article in PDF format), once I initiate the download, Nextcloud starts similarly when I click on the icon in the XFCE Whisker Menu to start Nextcloud (Nextcloud is turned off by default). The same behavior is observed when I attempt to save a newly written article (by me) in LibreOffice.