Nextcloud client settings applet for Fedora 34

I’ve just installed the client app on my Fedora 34. I want to do some tweaking on the client sync. How do I open the client settings. The app opens automatically at the OS start up. once I closed the setting window can’t seem to reopen. I don’t have the little icon like on the Win10.

Fedora has by default no tray area, that’s why you don’t see it. You can install a GNOME Extension to get tray icon support

I followed your link and installed the extension. Nothing happened! I don’t think it works on the new version of gnome (40).

It works for sure. I use it too on GNOME 40. Did you reboot? Is the client really running? If you have not rebooted, you need at least restart the client.

EDIT: Btw with version 3.3.0 of the desktop client you will get a normal window if no tray icons are available. To bring the client back to foreground after you closed it, just “start” it again from the application launcher.

I can get it with the launcher before without the gnome extension. that’s what I do currently. I’ll try rebooting it tonight. thanks for you info…