Nextcloud client on Raspbian

Hello there,

I am trying to install the nextcloud client on a Raspberry Pi 2 running Raspbian.
I figured it should be similar to the installation process on a Debian system, so I followed the official installation instructions for Debian on this site:

However, after sudo apt install nextcloud-client, the following message appears:

Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
Package nextcloud-client is not available, but is referred to by another package.
This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source.

E: Package ‘nextcloud-client’ has no installation candidate.

Also tried this installation instruction, which presumably uses another repository:
However, the error message is the same and no nextcloud-client installation package can be obtained.

I wonder if there is another repository I have to add to gain access to the nextcloud-client package on my Raspbian device, or if the only way to install the Nextcloud client is by building the client manually.
I hope someone on this forums can shed some light on this problem.

If you’re starting from scratch, I would say that the way to go is to use the absolutely marvelous NextCloudPi by @nachoparker. It will save you hours and hours (if not days) of head-scratching and configuration, and simply does all the work of installing NC onto an RPi. There’s a pre-configured disk image; just burn it, boot from it, and you’re off to the races! Full information can be found here:

Oh, and it’s worth noting that this is now an official project of Nextcloud, so it’s got the stamp of approval from the NC development team.

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Hi donutlover and thank you very much for your reply.

As far as I can see the image you proposed sets up a server using Nextcloud 12. This is not what I intend to do. In fact, I just want the Nextcloud client (see link in first post) installed on a Raspberry Pi 2 (running on Raspbian).


just did a further check on the link posted by donutlover. This is in fact not what I was looking for.
I am trying to install the client, not set up a server on the Pi itself. Though it did not help on this subject, thanks again for the reply.

If anyone could tell me which PPA works for Raspbian so that I can get the nextcloud-client package through it, please feel free to leave a reply.

Sorry about that…I should have read your post more carefully. I let my enthusiasm get the best of me.

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Hello everyone,

flashvoyager, did you find any solution to install nextcloud desktop client on the raspberry pi 2? I have been looking around and following all the manuals and I do not get it in any way.
Can someone help me or indicate some manual to follow?


Me too. I’m interested on a NC client for Raspberry Pi 3. I think it is very interesting for using it at schools.


I had the same problem.

The Debian client repository at does not seem to work for me on Raspberry Pi 2 (with Rasbian-jessie). I used the instructions for Debian 8 given on and I got the same error saying no installation candidate.

I did successfully install nextcloud client on Raspberry Pi 2 by building the source code using the build instructions at .