NextCloud Client on MAC not possible to create new files in shared folder

Hi there,

we are expierencing problems with the NextCloud Client for MAC Users are not able to upload files into folders shared with them. The client keeps saying that there would be Insufficient storage which is not the case.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create Folder as User A

  2. Share Folder with User B

  3. Install and Configure NextCloud Client on MAC of User B

  4. Put a new file in the shared folder from USER A as USER B

  5. the Client says insufficient storage and wont upload the file

Actual message from client 29.09.16 13:07:43, folder/file_created_by_user_b.pdf, Desktop/NextCloud,Blacklisting fortsetzen: Error downloading https://servername/remote.php/webdav/folder/file_created_by_user_b.pdf - server replied: Insufficient Storage (Sabre\DAV\Exception\InsufficientStorage)

Both User A and B have more than enough storage available to store the file

BUT: Move a file from another NextCloud Client Folder to the folder shared by User A and it works.

Seems to only apply to files that are newly created (or copied) so that the client has to actually upload the file.

MAC OS 10.11.6
NextCloud Client for MAC
Ubuntu Server 16.04.1 LTS
NextCloud Server 10.0

looks like this issue:

Same Problem here!

What I think is interesting: it is possible to locally create folders, and then they are synced without a problem. But not files.

And I have the exactly same issue on the iPhone App (Nextcloud 2.11 (0011)): I can create folders in a shared directory, but not files. I get the error: “bad_input_parameter_Error code 507”

Just to be clear: this affects only folders shared to me. In my own folder, file upload is not a problem.

On the webinterface, uploading files to a shared folder is possible.

Any ideas? Thanks, nounours

P.S.: Editing a file saved in a shared folder is also not possible, it will not sync afterwards.

NextCloud Server 10.0.1 fixed the problem