Nextcloud client on Mac M3

Hi there, I have a Mac with M3 processor and Sonoma 14.1.2 as operating system. After installation, the Nextcloud client does not come up. It just shows the message: “1 account was detetced from a legacy desktop client. Should the account be imported?”. But pressing “Skip” ior “Import”, both has no efffect.

Could the issue be that there is already an OwnCloud client running?

(I asked my problem already here, but got no answer, maybe I did not gave enough information)

You have a troublehsooting guide, especially having logs with more details is always good to have:

That could be. They have the share some history, not sure if the Nextcloud client sees the accounts and tries to import them. And you should certainly not try to sync the same folder with both clients at the same time.
If it is just the owncloud client running in the background, you can easily try by turning it off.

For the same history, in the beginning you could use both, I don’t know if you can still use the owncloud client to use Nextcloud or the Nextcloud client to use owncloud.

Another idea, just use a different user on your system with no owncloud client in the background and no owncloud config in the user profile.