Nextcloud client move shared folder


user 1 share a folder with user 2

szenario 1
user 2 move the shared folder to a subfolder in the webinterface to have a better overview about the folders. Everything is find the shared folder is a shared folder.

szenario 2
user 2 move the shared folder to a subfolder on the local disc vie the owncloud sync client. Problem the shared folder isn’t a shared folder anymore the shared folder is now a local folder so it want be snyced with the other users. in addition the shared folder was deleted for user 1 cause user 2 move the shared folder to a local folder and the shared folder is empty. In addition user 1 didn’t know what happend cause there is no information what happend with the shared folder (maybe under activities you can see it).

when you move a shared folder with the sync client the shared folder shouldn’t transformed to a local folder. In the web interface it will work well, but not on windows.

I was about to post for a feature request regarding this behavior.

When user1 shares a folder with user2, it shows on the root space of user2 automatically. That is uncomfortable to say at least… imagine you have no space on your desktop pc, or on large NC scenarios, many people shares folders with you, exhausting your tiny SSD disk on the client’s PC.

I would like to see a feature when someone shares a folder with you, a message pops up, on the desktop client and on the web client, to select where to store that folder/share, or at least, to have a “Shared files” folder on your root, and every shared folder and file will rest there, instead the root folder, so the user can uncheck that “Shared files” folder from sync.

I think that would be more user friendly, because one can end with hundred of (shared) folders and files in its root, making very difficult to search anything.

If that possible popup would let the user set where to store the shared folder/file (even letting him/her to create a new subfolder) would be simply awesome.

What do you think about this?

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