Nextcloud client macOS cant login ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED


I have a new macbook and I am trying to login on a private nextcloud server.
macOS version is 10.15.3, Nextcloud is 2.6.2stable.

I type in the server address which leads me to a browser type screen with “Log In” or “alternative login using app token”.
Both options end in:

This site can’t be reached refused to connect.



Proxy is off, firewall is off. Had anybody a similar problem=
This works on Windows and everything is fine with ther server since I can log in via webbrowser.

You need to find out where it is blocked. You can check if the mac can connect via browser? If you connect via client, are there any logs on the server side (even connection denied or something), if there isn’t something in the logs, it could be a firewall somewhere (refused to connect doesn’t sound like a timeout)? If it’s a mobile computer, from a different network does it work? The client on a different computer on the same network does work?

In company environments, it can be necessary to pass through a proxy.

A bit late for this post but I have that problem myself.
What I found out by consulting my provider is that the Nextcloud app makes too many connections in a short time when starting the computer and the brute force protection blocks my IP address.
The lock takes about 15 minutes and after that I can reach the server normally again. (I hope that these locks do not end in a permanent lockout!)
So the question is, why does the app establish so many connections?