Nextcloud Client Mac : errase checked files and folders on local drive

I’m using Nextcloud Client for Mac for almost 6 months now and everything was fine.
I checked folders i wanted to keep on my local drive, and it was kept on it.
For the third time now, in the four past months, checked folders are removed from my local drive.
This week i restarted a sync from my distant server to my local drive and it added again all my files. I saw all of them on my Finder (MacOS) and an hour later, the Nextcloud Client deleted them again.

I don’t know what to do, as it’s important for me to have some folders permanently on my local drive.

It’s wasting my time as it’s more than 100Go each time that i have to sync again and again.

Could you advise me or let me know if there is a problem on the current release of Nextcloud Client please ?!

Thanks in advance.