Nextcloud client login method


I’m running a nextcloud 12 server and some of my users (those who use windows, I don’t know about the others) often try to login using their email address rather than their user name in the nextcloud client. Is this valid? I tried to login using the email address from the web interface and it worked, but is this also possible using the web client?
Sorry for the straight forward question, but I don’t have windows, so I can’t test it.

Thanks for your help in advance

ummm… i don’t see your problem here… if this works then it seems to be possible.

Sorry for being potentially imprecise.
What I meant is: Does the login using the email work when using the windows client?
(I know only that the login from the web interface is working using the email)

i guess the answer is in your question, already…

if they use it and don’t complain about not being able to connect… it means it would work.

Thats the point. Only some use it. And I see a lot of failed logins from user that use their email address. But I’m not sure what the reason is for that (maybe wrong password, maybe something else)

i can tell you that i just tried to login using my emailadress via desktop-client under win 7 and it seems to work (client didnt complain when setting up via emailaddress - i didn’t try it further than that b/c i didn’t want to synchronize twice :wink: )… but client asks for username, though…

best would be if users would use an app-password for client. i dunno if that would be possible using email rather than username.

Thanks so much for testing and your feedback!

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