NextCloud Client installed on Linux Server but rsync is not automatic


I Install NextCloud Client on Linux Server and overt command below I can rsync files, but I need every time to enter command belowe for rsync files.

How NextCloud do this automatic on every change in folder to make rsync

nextcloudcmd --non-interactive /var/www/webpage/ http://user:password@

Rsync is not supported by nextcloud. That is why you have to manually scan. It is not an automatic action unless you use webdav or regular Nextcloud clients.

Hi and thx for ansver Just.

I have installed Ubuntu Server and I am install NextCloud client with next command line: “sudo apt install nextcloud-client”

and all work good except automatic synchronization files between Ubuntu Server and NextCloud server.

NextCloud App which I install on PC work good and automatic synchronization work perfect.

NextCloud Client on linux server ubuntu can not automatic synchronization files from specify folder ?