Nextcloud Client for Windows / Mac: Error 503 Service Unavailable, WHOLE sync stops when ONE file is inaccessible (no read rights)

nextcloud version: 13.0.6
nextcloud client version (windows):
(also tried with beta: Nextcloud-

our nextcloud server is connected to an external storage (Windows Server 2016, SMB3)
users can login with ldap and access the files and folders for which the have the access rights
this works fine with the mobile app and the web interface but we are having troubles with the clients for windows and mac

when you configure the client to sync a folder structure it stops as soon as there is an inaccessible file (no read rights for the user) with “503 Service Unavailable” and doesn’t sync the rest

the expected behavior would be to just leave out the inaccessible file and continue, but this is not the case

i tried this with the actual nextcloud client for windows and mac and with the latest beta for windows
i also tried this with the owncloud client - it has the same issue

can anyone confirm this / does have a solution to this problem?

regards, oliver

I have absolutely the same problem. For me it says ‘503 Service unavailable’ I tried with restarting the server, but no luck. Force synchronisation just begins and after a while it comes to the same error. I am using client version 2.5.2 git. I had to remove the mentioned files on the server using another client, then the synchronisation continued.


Nextcloud server is supposed to have complete access to the data folder, this means the clients as well.

The problem seems to be coming from the fact that you use LDAP to manage access rights on folders instead of using nextcloud built in rights management system.

So the solution would be to give complete access to your users to the folder that their nextcloud client access then manage user level access rights with nextcloud management system instead of windows’s

In other words, replicate the LDAP rights with nextcloud built-in system. If there is a lot of specific rights you might do that with a script.