Nextcloud Client for Mobile Linux

Now that there are more Mobile Linux distributions available ( (Mobian, Postmarket OS, Ubuntu Touch, PureOS etc) and more devices available to run them (PinePhone, Librem 5, Volla etc).

It would be great if there was a Mobile Linux client that provided a similar experience to the Android/iOS app.

Currently you can run the desktop sync client, but I think the expected use cases for that are sufficiently different it doesn’t really do the same thing.

Are there any plans already for something like this?


Yeah, a more touch friendly interface for the desktop client might be a good idea.

But at least on Ubuntu Touch this third party client is quite nice:

Yes, it would be breat, I am using manjaro phosh and this is one of the apps I am missing.

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After trying to migrate to ubuntu touch a toolbox app very much like the android mobile app but for linux would be awesome. The best part is keeping the device agnostic in that no matter the device an easy sync (calendar, contacts, files) and away you go would seriously be cool

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