Nextcloud client flagged by Windows SmartScreen


Today I’ve been prompted to update the nextcloud client to the latest version - in Windows 10, but I receive a prompt from windows when trying to install:

Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognised application from starting. Running this application might put your PC at risk.

Application: Nextcloud-
Publisher: DE, Stuttgart, Nextcloud GmbH, Nextcloud GmbH

Are you aware of this? Anyone else having this issue?

AFAIK smart screen warns based on previously known information about a file. So it’s not completely unheard of that they issue warnings for completely new files.

We got our own certificate now. So it might be that it is warning because of that.
Otherwise I have no clue.

I had the same issue and I guess it is related to change of the certificate, because the new file uses a different certificate:

Thanks for the replies, I postponed the update untill i had confirmation this was indeed legit.

For most people that do not follow the issues in github, to suddenly be prompted to install a program that fails Windows security checks is disconcerting and worrying. I think this should have been solved before pushing out the new update.

Anyway, I’m less worried now and I’ll proceed with the update. Thanks for the feedback.

Got the same problem…

@nickvergessen hat certificate is for OS X ;).

This is caused because the certificate and application needs to first build up some reputation as described at (we switched from a Struktur AG certificate to one owned by Nextcloud GmbH)

So there is not much we can do except having some more people download and install the desktop client. Once that has happened the error will disappear.

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I think a public mention of the issue on the downloads page would be in order so people don’t think this is is a security risk. If I was aware of the problem before I wouldn’t have been concerned.

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